Laughter makes you successful and infectious in the best sense of the word. Social media star, Khaby Lame has become famous worldwide in the past two years. On TikTok alone, around 1.5 million followers are amused by his gesture-rich sketches. He is also breaking records on Instagram. His life story what inspires movies. Instead of lamenting the fact that he lost his job due to a pandemic, he set to work at home with his parents in their small flat in Turin, deliberately creating cheerful content in grey times. The rest is TikTok history. The ideal man for BOSS. „I am my own boss because I make as many people laugh as possible.“

After the great success at the beginning of the year, the campaign „BeYourOwnBOSS“ will be continued, among others with the Korean actor Lee Minho and the German professional runner Alicia Schmidt. Naomi Campbell is now also new in the team. Boss provided the outfits for our fashion shoot with Khaby Lame. We also show favourite pieces from the new fall/winter collection.

„We met in Milan in 2021, Boss wanted to rejuvenate its approach to customers. It was a bet for both of us, and I think it worked. I also have a small collection to put my ideas into, but the credit goes to the designers at Boss.“ Khaby Lame